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Jeff Sartini’s The Adventures of Shamis and Larry

Humor Abounds in this YA Fantasy!

Dire Wolf Books is proud to welcome to our fold Jeff Sartini. Jeff is the author of the fiendishly clever The Adventures of Shamis and Larry, a rollicking YA fantasy that abounds with word play. If you like the works of A. A. Milne, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, or William Goldman, then you should give Jeff’s book a look. You can read it to your children, and then they’ll ask you why you are smiling, laughing, or groaning at the puns sprinkled throughout.

Two brothers set off on a set of misadventures to find the Engagement Water for their witch mother, who is trying to win the heart of the prince. Along the way they meet up with a Magical Mule named Merlin, a One-Headed Monkey, a Castle of Doom, a Dark Magician, Swamp Pirates (including Slobbery Brown), an Oracle named Bob, and an Evil Vegetarian.  Warmly illustrated by Donny Palmgren, the story quickly endears itself to readers as the brothers continue to banter back and forth about what they should be doing.

Jeff is working on a sequel, and we are all waiting to see what new quests lie in store for the kilt-wearing brothers.


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