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C. S. Johnson’s Beauty’s Quest

Beauty's Quest
The exciting retelling continues!

Dire Wolf Books proudly announces the publication of C. S. Johnson’s next installment in her addictive retelling of the Sleeping Beauty legend.

In order to defeat the sorceress Magdalina and free herself from Magdalina’s curse, Rose, the Princess of Rhone, has set out to find dragon’s blood. Accompanied by her faithful group of friends, including their newest member, Prince Philip of Finish, Rose travels toward the Romani territory, where the Serpent’s Garden resides.

But when the group ends up shipwrecked on the small island of Maltia, they find themselves trapped without supplies and a way off the island. With time, money, and new enemies working against them, Rose remains determined despite her despair to rise to each challenge. But can she face the growing fear and longing inside herself?

Suspenseful and surprising, Beauty’s Quest is the second book in the Once upon a Princess series from C. S. Johnson.

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