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Chandler Brett’s Wolf Code

A Thrilling Novel of Love, Betrayal, and Courage
A Thrilling Novel of Love, Betrayal, and Courage

Dire Wolf Books proudly presents the release of Chandler Brett’s Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness. Brett spins a captivating adventure, portraying the struggles of a pair of wolves to lead their pack in a time of crisis, and a compelling romance, revealing the complications in the developing relationship between a Cherokee animal-rights activist and a reclusive computer programmer. At its heart Wolf Code is a story of relationships–between people, between wolves, between wolves and people.  As Brett takes readers on a thrilling journey from a red wolf wildlife refuge to the Cherokee mountains of North Carolina to a tiger sanctuary in eastern Russian, different worlds converge in unexpected and exciting ways, reminding us how closely the natural world and our human world are intertwined.

Jungle Book meets Ready Player One!

“This well-written novel offers a depiction of life within a wolf pack with the wolves as the characters, giving homage to the narrative style of Rudyard Kipling. Each section of the novel draws you forward on a steady path through an intense chapter in the lives of both wolves and the humans who protect them.”
–Elizabeth Love, Writerbee’s Book Reviews.

“Brett has a descriptive style of storytelling and immerses his readers in the sounds and sensations of a wolf pack struggling to survive in an icy expanse of treacherous terrain. Perhaps his greatest strength is the meta-element he brings to Wolf Code. Just as Don and his former-student and love interest Tsula care about the plight of wolves and take actions within the story to encourage understanding of their world, Brett does just that by putting us in the action of the wolf Kan and his mate Lana. It took some planning and tight structuring to pull off but he did it. The meta-storytelling lends a complex dimension to this new world.”
–Erica Crockett, author of Chemicals.

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